How the emergency heart surgery fund for babies in Moldova works:

  1. The newborn is diagnosed with PDA (persistent ductus arteriosus).
  2. The cardiologist and cardiac surgeon are consulted and decide that an operation is imperative.
    Some Moldovan families have the necessary money to save the lives of their children; some can come up with only half of the money needed; while others are so poor they cannot save their babies' lives. We are willing to help in all cases - with money, information and support.
  3. The parents provide their written consent for the operation.
  4. The parents also give their written permission to the foundation to use the name and picture of their child for fund-raising purposes.
  5. All information relating to the child is sent by the coordinators of the fund in Moldova to the Medical Scientific Practical Center of MH in the Ukraine, the former heart centre for entire Russia. This well-equipped center for pediatric, cardiological and cardiac surgery is requested to provide information about the conditions that need to be fulfilled for surgery as well as the possibilities available.
    The MSPC address:
    Ukraine t.Kiev 01135 str. V.Chernovola 28/1
    Tel: +38 (044 238-78-07+38(044)238-78-07;284-03-11
  6. The fund provides aid and support in transporting the child to the Center for Cardio Surgery abroad. (Thanks to your donation, the SDC, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, has purchased a special baby ambulance to ensure the availability of the appropriate transport and equipment.)
  7. The fund transfers the money required for the operation, as payment must be made in advance.
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