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Year's conclusionsThursday, 26 December 2013

We would like to inform about our successes and failures in the year 2013. Ever since 2009 the Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Center of Ukraine in Kiev took in and helped over 200 children from Moldova. Of course not all the operations were funded by our foundation, but most of them got there on time due to consultation and assistance of employees of the foundation: we filled the papers, provided passports, we explained the need of such early surgery to the parents.As a result the average lethality of Moldavian children after the operation is now less than 4%, which is very little taking into account the fact that all of them were borne with deadly heart diseases. This year we have planned the visit to Moldova of Prof. Dr. Illya Yemets, head of the Cardiac Center to meet with the governing people of our Republic, to find a solution that our health service would take over what we are doing now for the children. However due to the internal Moldavian political crisis the visit was canceled in March 2013. We did not abandon the idea of such a visit and it is now planned for 2014. In May 2013 the president of the foundation Mr.Mark Odermatt, visited the Cardiac Surgery Center of Ukraine, together with Dr.Andrei Varzari where they met its head Prof. Dr. Yemets, and they discussed the plans for further close cooperation. During the year 2013 our foundation directly saved the life of 10 children, which is compared with earlier years a record.