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A hope for life! Charity project with ICHF and Ministry of Health of the Republic of MoldovaSaturday, 6 August 2011

On August 5, in Chisinau, the first meeting with the director of the International Children’s Fund ICHF (http://www.babyheart.org) Alberto Marzan was held. Meeting was attended as well by Deputy Minister of Health George Turcan, and members of the NGO «Save Life» who were responsible for organizing this meeting.

Fund’s mission is exactly what may be the beginning of an independent work in heart surgery for children in Republic of Moldova. The five year program includes: five trips a year for surgeries, medical team will be equipped with a brigade of the best cardiac surgeons in the world, as well as anesthesiologists, intensive care, cardiology, nurses. This team will handle the most complex heart surgeries in the Republic (TsMiRe).There will also be a group of doctors from the Republic of Moldova (previously selected staff of the hospital) that will be trained to perform this type of surgeries during operations and in the rehabilitation period. Those people will continue save the lives of our children on their own at the end of a five-year project.

In addition, ICHF staff will bring with them the necessary equipment for surgeries and all necessary medications. The equipment, if necessary, can be donated to the department of Children’s Hospital. Ministry of Health is willing to cooperate with ICHF and NGO «Save Life» to find a solutions for this painful issue for our country. In late August – early September 2011, the Ministry of Health will consider the possibility of signing an agreement with ICHF and we believe will take the right decision. In case of a positive outcome, a group of doctors from ICHF will arrive in Moldova as early as November 2011.Surgery will be done to those children that are in urgent need. Children whose life’s are threatened by disease. Our foundation wholeheartedly supports this initiative and joins this project.

Mr. Alberto Marzan also visited the Republican Hospital, where the only cardiac surgery section for children is located in entire Moldova. Unfortunately, the department is in poor condition. This is a small area for children on one floor. The republican hospital treats adults in most of the cases. Other hospitals, that could take effort to further develop this area, are municipal Children’s Clinical Hospital. V. Ignatenko. But according to A.Marzan, Mother and Child Center is the most suitable for starting the project as of its structure, location, buildings and offices. Alberto Marzan also conducted interviews with leading surgeons of the country – Anatoly Cebotari and Liviu Manyuk.

Of course, the implementation of this project requires some financial investments. So we welcome big companies to cooperate and support this noble cause. Get involved in saving children’s lives!


About 200 children are born with congenital heart disease in Republic of Moldova every year. More than 20 babies with congenital heart disease in the early days of their life must travel abroad to conduct complex operations on the territories of Ukraine, Russia, Romania, where the cost of one heart surgery varies from 8 000 to 15 000 EUR (and in some cases higher). Such a trip for the weak and sick newborn pose a high risk. It is impossible to say the exact number of children going to other countries due to the fact that in Moldova, they can’t receive skilled care. But for sure we are speaking about tens of children each year. Our fundation has spent more than 100 000 EUR to pay for surgeries for children with various types of heart defects. This huge amount was sufficient to pay only for about 10 children’s surgeries. This problem should be solved ASAP!